There are many reasons to use a REALTOR® whether buying a new home in Naples Florida Naples.  Many new communities that are being built by developers, many of whom are also new to Florida or Naples.

 Last summer I took part in a roundtable  hosted by a developer whio invited a few local Naples REALTORS® for input on how to optimize construction in their new community based upon our experience and knowledge:  buyer demographics, popular style homes that have sold in the area, attractive amenities,  what marketing  tactics would draw REALTORS® and therefore, more qualified buyers. We discussed  criteria to better position themselves in a competitive marketplace.

I also received a phone call from another developer’s VP asking what I knew about an unfinished neighborhood/ local sales activity since they were looking for building sites.

Funny how they view many of us as “experts” with valuable information that is not readily available to them, and savvy buyers will use an agent for that exact same reason:  Not all builders can provide buyers info outside of the construction sphere, but a local REALTOR® has a host of experience and information about all you need to know in the area, and especially the overall cost of home ownership.

Builders work with REALTORS® because they know that they bring prequalified buyers that have the budget to purchase. We are often first to know of “specials” and incentives, and new plans prior to public release.

So, if builders gladly welcome REALTORS®, why do many new home buyers go it alone?

  • First of all, it requires planning ahead, and many potential buyers react spontaneously to a “Grand Opening” so they stop in to take a look. Often they are lured by a price that does not include all that they see.
  • Secondly, there is a misperception that the buyer will pay less if they go it alone.  Actually, they may spend more in the long run for many reasons, including a few outlined below.   The sales commission is already factored into the price of the home.  A builder is not going to lower the home values by automatically knocking off a percentage of the sales price for a non-represented buyer. Instead, the builder either pays their sales representative a higher commission or pockets the savings.

 It only makes sense to use a professional that is bound by licensing laws and a Code of Ethics.

Our goal is to develop a long term relationship with a buyer, since our business is not built on selling communities but assisting people to achieve their goals, and to provide quality service to them that will last long after the sale.  We rely on client referrals to support our business:  we are “relationship builders.”

  • When buying new construction, we represent the buyer’s  interest, not the builder’s. We know the pitfalls and can navigate through the whole process, including financing and builder/construction  options and costs, as well as contract clauses and riders that impact the sale. Not all buyers are familiar with real estate terminology and contracts, and much preliminary work takes place prior to signing a contract.
  •  We have the negotiating power which encompasses more than just the sales price and  involve other servicers that will be needed to achieve home ownership.                      

Buying a new home is exciting but there are many factors to consider, and all is not readily known to a new or previous homeowner who may buy a few homes in their lifetime. In the profession of real estate, we do it for a living, and all markets/ geographical areas are different. Conditions and laws are subject to change.

I provide a type of Concierge Service that will provide a buyer all the resources not for just to buy a home, but to live in that town, especially Naples. I have assisted many buyers who understood the value of working with a REALTOR® who provided them with all the best options and information before making that important purchase;  saving money and headaches ….