Countless articles that I review for my newsletters, blogs, and consultations for home sellers all point to the the best home improvement return when selling your home: landscaping.
Often sellers want to know what they can do to get the best sales price when selling their home. Often home improvements can be costly and will not be valued as to what they paid for it.  As in previous blogs, appraised value will be adjusted as to how the improvement relates to the value of similar sold properties. Landscaping is the least expensive with the best return.

In Southwest Florida, we enjoy the local abundance of native plants with their color and easy care. Research has indicated that grooming your property is the least expensive way to add appeal. Here are a few suggestions:

· Add splashes of colors; Color, textures and fragrant plants are always appealing. Remove dead plants and add natives that are easy care.  Place colorful pots in the entryway.

· Trim trees and shrubs to home size: Keep low to create a sense of space and allow light into the windows and visibility of doors and features.

· Keep the lawn green: A lush lawn is inviting and reflects care. Preventing weeds & brown spots is less costly than treating when they take over. Weak areas can be supplemented with pebbles, drought resistant plants and groupings/lawn ornaments.

· Light it up: Add drama with some low voltage lights to the front door, walk, and a special tree or plant or sculptural element.

· Add a simple fountain: The sound of water is appealing and a focal point of your entryway.

You do not need to spend a ton of money to enhance curb appeal. Picture yourself as a home buyer, and stand on the street in front of your home and ask yourself: What is so inviting with this home that I want to see the inside?

Please contact me if you are considering selling your home, I have many more ideas to help you Please email me any questions you may have about selling your home.