I read reports daily regarding national and statewide statistics on what is going on on the housing market. We know that in Florida supply is not meeting demand, which is why builders have returned  in numbers.
We waited over seven years for this; so many communities were left unfinished, builders left because they could no longer sell at their prices as their sold homes next door foreclosed and were offered by banks at low prices. Now, others have purchased the remaining land and are finishing these communities, or just starting new communities based upon the need/feasibility studies.....Naples Florida has become the the hottest market due to so many factors, especially the lifestyle and types of homes with a variety of styles, amenities, and prices.
I recently had to list a home for sale in Golden Gate Estates, my client had to return to Texas and list his home after owning it for less than a year. He and his wife loved it and their neighbors, the house was larger and had many upgrades than many homes around him or within 5 miles.
I was confronted with getting a higher price since my seller had to buy another home back in Texas where the taxes were much higher, and he needed some cash for closing with a mortgage to pay. Having done BPO's ( broker price opinions ) for banks in the past, plus have had prior appraisals on my listings, I knew that we needed to price it in the sold zone. But having so few to use, I also know that value is also dependent upon demand/supply. There weren't many at all on the market that compared to this home. So I decided to list it at a higher price which is always a risk but in this case, I felt that the odds/market were in our favor.
Within a week, after three showings, we had an offer from a great buyer. We countered, and we sold just 3% below the list price.
I recently had an appraiser call me, since this was a comp for some other home that had an offer, and she questioned the $70K difference in sales price from a year ago; there were no upgrades or concessions, just an example of demand for a great home where inventory has shrunk. Buyers determine value; the market is no longer stable but improving; sometimes a hard pill for appraisers to swallow.
Will every resale have the same outcome? No, it depends upon location, supply, home condition. etc.
I always urge my sellers that higher prices are more attainable when their home is in  top condition since we are in a competitive market with new construction. Buyers have more confidence in purchasing a resale home that appears to be well maintained.
I also know that we are in an upswing so buyers who are contemplating buying in Naples, Florida, need to get off the fence since not only are they facing higher prices, but competition in a dwindling inventory: down 10% this year.
Both also need an experienced Realtor who knows how to guide them for the best results.